Chat Sites: Red Flags For “Chatters” to Avoid

March 6th, 2011 | Posted by admin in Free
Chat sites can bring unique, strange, cool, and bizarre people from all over the globe. Some of these people you would love to meet, but others should be avoided at all costs…
Here is a list of red flags to watch out for when you are meeting people for internet dating or online chat:
1) People That have Tried To Get On Reality T.V. – people that aspire to be on reality television shows are most likely self absorbed, fame seeking, attention hounds. These are not the type of people you want to associate with. They will most likely not be a good candidate for a relationship.
2) People That Don’t Drink For No Good Reason – There are many people that don’t drink for reasons ranging from past addiction problems to parents with alcohol problems. But, occasionally you will run into people that don’t drink for no reason at all. In my personal experience people that refuse to drink for no good reason are scared of many things in general. They won’t want to go out to fun places around town, parties, and avoid fun in general.
3) Facebook Obsessors – These people tend to care more about their online lives, more than the people sitting right across the table from them. They get sucked into weird online video games and conversations with people that they do not know. You might want to hang out with this person, but you might find yourself trying to hold a conversation with someone that is staring at their phone all night.
4) Owns more Than 2 Cats – Anyone that ones 2 cats or more is usually borderline insane. There are exceptions to this rule of course, but “cat people” love cats because they can’t relate to HUMAN BEINGS. Cat ladies may be cute and nice, but they would rather be snuggling at home with their kitty cats that you. AVOID!
5) Owns Too Many Handbags – these girls want one thing from your and it’s not your attention, its your wallet. Girls that are obsessed with designer clothes, handbags, and accessories are money pits waiting to suck you dry. They look at guys and a way to finance their overly expensive lifestyles. These women are usually attractive, but know how good looking they are and use it to get what they want. If they are shallow enough to own more than 2 Luis Vitton or Gucci handbags, run far, far away.
6) Insecure Reassurance Seekers – There are many things for people to be insecure about. Looks, jobs, and background to name a few. “Reassurance seekers” need constant feedback about the decisions they make. If you like hearing “does this outfit look o.k?” every night, you will love this type of person. They will ask for advice about everything from the type of meal to order, to what to wear. They need constant attention and have a tough time making any decision on their own. If you want to be nagged within an inch of your life, date one of these :)
7) The Instant Girlfriend - This type of girl is clingy to say the least. They are usually in their late twenties and desperate to get married. They seem normal on the surface, but looks can be very deceiving. These girls have a tendency to show up at your work, when you least expect it. They often write lots, and lots of thank you notes on personalized stationary. The “instant girlfriend” will squeeze their way into your life without you even realizing it. Before you know it, they have their own toothbrush at your house and section in your closet.

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